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Programming is Fun Again!

 16 min read

I've recently updated the stylesheet of this website to include some mobile-first design principles. Now if I was a professional web developer, I'd have done this from the start. I am, however, just an interested amateur. C++ is my mother tongue…

Hosting a Static Website with AWS

 14 min read

I recently raved about how pleased I am that my blog is finally being hosted on AWS , so I thought I'd write about how it all works. AWS is a complex beast with a daunting number of services. For the purposes of hosting a static website, though, we…

5% Pleasure; 50% Pain

 6 min read

Six years in the making, patiently waiting to go (online), now with Route 53 and CloudFront I'm taking over the globe! I tried harder this time . Ironically, the design you're looking at now isn't the one I pore over in that post. I've been on a…